From the creators of The Swanbourne Endeavour (now in its 9th year) we bring you The Trafalgar Trial; ALL THE FUN WITHOIUT THE RUN!

The race format is ... you keep going till you can do no more!

The last man / woman running is the winner. There will be a time cut off of 2 hours, so if you keep going till the end, the winner is the competitor who has completed the most laps. The team event – the winning team is the team whose top 5 competitors clock up the most laps between them.


Aylesbury LASER

Laser (Half Day)

Using our state of the art outdoor combat laser system you can engage the enemy with ranges in excess of 200m. We also integrate the latest developments in electronic outdoor gaming technology such as Respawn Stations, Medic Boxes, WMD's and Domination Box. We can also offer a variety of weapon types from fully automatic to semi-automatic weapons including sniper style weapons. However as you are only firing harmless light at each other there is no need for any form of protective mask or goggle.  As all our kit is digital it means that you have unlimited ammo! This is the nearest thing you can get to playing Call Of Duty style games but for real!


Outdoor Laser for Aylesbury only 19 minutes away from Aylesbury Town Centre.

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