From the creators of The Swanbourne Endeavour (now in its 9th year) we bring you The Trafalgar Trial; ALL THE FUN WITHOIUT THE RUN!

The race format is ... you keep going till you can do no more!

The last man / woman running is the winner. There will be a time cut off of 2 hours, so if you keep going till the end, the winner is the competitor who has completed the most laps. The team event – the winning team is the team whose top 5 competitors clock up the most laps between them.


Scotland, a bit closer to home but just as exhilerating!

Each Sabotage Expedition or SabotageThemed Event is designed to meet your specific requirements. For some people it's a raw yeahaaa of an adrenaline filled adventure. For others it might be more about learning and developing technical skills or just enjoying the thrill of undertaking a themed event in a very remote location. Some budgets stretch to exotic locations others are better suited for events here in the UK. If you are looking for something quite different why not give us a call to have a chat: Office 01908 586 809.


Norway Hadranger with dogs

Caving in Belize

South Exhuma, island hopping

New! Become your very own Indiana Jones or Lara Croft! Take part in our 10 day adventure race that starts in Old Delhi and finishes in the Indian Himalayas! Moutain biking, trail running, bridge building, survival skills...your very own adventure!

We pride ourselves with our passion for all forms of leisure combat where we can offer Paintball, Combat Laser Tag, AirowTag, Archery, Adventure Races, Air Rifles and Bushcraft. In addition to these activities we also offer bespoke expeditions, corporate events (incentive & promotion) and themed events.

Quad biking in Cambodia

Hunger Games in Sarawak, Borneo

Indiana Jones, Himalayas

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